The Game is out in New Zealand. It should be out in US at about 11 PM EST and Europe at around 12 AM UK time.

Price in NZ is $4.19 which should translate to USD $2.99


Finally,after some hard weeks of work, Neon Battle HD will hit the App Store on the 16th of december!

Read the article on, to get more information:

Here I proudly present the new teaser video of Neon Battle HD (upcoming iPad Battle game):

The video is now on the Chillingo Video-Channel:


I have great news today. Neon Battle HD will be published by Chillingo. Now they have integrated the game into their “Upcoming games”-Section:



Here are some brand new screen shots of the upcoming iPad game Neon Battle HD:

The new colorful menu

A new weapon: Laser beam

The EMP disables the canon of your opponent


Here you can find more images…

Here is a video of the game (the video is relatively old and does not show the actual game quality, but it shows how the principle of the game works)

New Blog!


the server, where my other blog had been, did crash, so I moved the whole thing to wordpres.

So: welcome to my new blog, here you will find everything about projects I doing in my free time.



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