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New Teaser Video of Neon Battle HD

Here I proudly present the new teaser video of Neon Battle HD (upcoming iPad Battle game):

The video is now on the Chillingo Video-Channel:


Neon Battle HD will be published by Chillingo


I have great news today. Neon Battle HD will be published by Chillingo. Now they have integrated the game into their “Upcoming games”-Section:



Brand new Screenshots of Neon Battle HD

Here are some brand new screen shots of the upcoming iPad game Neon Battle HD:

The new colorful menu

A new weapon: Laser beam

The EMP disables the canon of your opponent


Here you can find more images…

Video of Neon Battle HD

Here is a video of the game (the video is relatively old and does not show the actual game quality, but it shows how the principle of the game works)

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