Neon Battle HD – presented by Chillingo

Coming for iPAD

(Neon Battle HD is published by Chillingo, see for details)

(This is now the official teaser video of Neon Battle HD, presented by Chillingo)

A dazzling, hectic, head-to-head space shooter that reveals the true purpose of the iPad in gaming: two players!

Blow up your enemy with rockets, collect items to aid you in victory, dazzle them with awe-inspiring cannons and much more, all with the simple touch of a finger! Beware though – the fastest reaction gets the best items. The objective is to destroy the opponent’s shield – will you or your foe be the winner?

Items include beautiful shields that surround your rockets, speed boosts that enhance the power of your weapons, a strength boost that increases explosions upon impact and a medical item that repairs your shields.
Watch out though – the enemy is not the only threat! Flying discs swooping around the screen pose a problem for your rockets – use the cannon to clear a path through!

  • Enjoy many game modes: Single Player, Multiplayer, Deathmatch, Time Attack, CPU vs CPU, Survival!
  • Choose your preference in difficulty from easy to hard, make the game a cakewalk or a challenge!
  • Experience dazzling graphics!
  • Compete against your friends!
  • Collect many achievements via Chillingo Crystal. You have a purpose to play, not just to win.

– The glory of the battle is in your hands –

Blog entries: All information about this game

Screenshots (Updated 2010-10-14):


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